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Media Monitoring

Protect your investments in advertising with our comprehensive
media monitoring services that cover television, radio, print,
and outdoor advertisement we’re here to make sure that you get what you pay for.

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Media Analyzing

Get the data you need on how much impact you’re
achieving with your media placements

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Event Management

Regardless of the size of the event or its purpose,
MediaMark can assist from the planning phase through
the implementation and post-event evaluation phase

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Media Services

MediaMark is a one-stop shop for media solutions. We have the
capacity and experience to provide a wide range of media-related
services, thereby allowing you to simplify and streamline
management and communications.

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Media Buying

Leveraging our relationships with Afghanistan’s top
media outlets, we can get the best rates for ad placements

Afghanistan’s Media Gateway

Latest News

The latest news on the services offered by MediaMark here. We are a rapidly expanding business looking to serve the Afghan media sector in a range of different capacities, so check here for the latest updates.

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Why MediaMark?

Local Expertise

We have a deep understanding of the Afghan media sector and its relationship to the local economy. We know all of the TV and radio stations in the market, their coverage, their viewership, and their strengths and weakness. We also know the Afghan consumer well, along with the best means to create meaningful impressions on local consumers through the use of effective media placement strategies.

Established Methodology

Established Methodologies: For all of our monitoring and research services, we use internationally recognized methodologies that have withstood the test of criticism and have well-understood strengths, weaknesses, and margins of error. We are looking to contribute to the advancement of media research and media monitoring in Afghanistan, and this means moving away from outdated survey and monitoring methods and implementing systems that meet or even exceed international standards.

Advanced Technology

MediaMark is at the forefront in bringing advanced technology to Afghanistan’s media sector and the private sector as a whole. We have the technology to verify add placements across all advertising platforms and archive the results, along with providing consulting on Enterprise Solutions that can help businesses boost productivity and sales.

National Coverage

MediaMark has offices throughout Afghanistan’s provinces, giving us the unique ability to monitor the media and product quality control at a national level.

Our Clients