• AWCC Media Buying and Media Placement Services

Project Start Date:           July 2013

Project End Date:             Sept 2013

Project Title:                      AWCC Media Buying and Media Placement

Project Client:                   AWCC (Afghan Wireless Communication Company)

Project Activity:                 Media advertisement of AWCC Commercials for Indoor Media

In 2013 MediaMark has got the contract for AWCC Media Buying and Media Placement Service (All TV and Radio Channels of International, National, Regional and Local Stations).

Project is consist of Services:

  • Creating Media Plan for nationwide coverage of TV and Radio Stations.
  • Negotiation of best competitive Prices of spots from TV and Radio Stations.
  • Purchasing and Financial Management of AWCC Commercials.
  • Media Creative / Finding of best stations with content/time slot to broadcast AWCC Commercials.
  • Distribution of Commercial contents to all TV and Radio Stations.
  • Daily/Weekly/Monthly Plan vs Actual Observe Report.
  • Commercial Analyzing and Comparing with competitor’s commercials.

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