Event Implementation

No amount of detailed planning can result in a successful event if the staff in place aren’t properly trained, briefed, and managed. MediaMark’s event professionals have a high degree of expertise in this field, and will supervise the process to ensure that all activities are conducted as per the planned schedule.


There are several different types of events and packages of services that MediaMark offers its clients. Some these are listed below, although we are able to come up with a tailor-made solution to meet any demand.


Trade Fairs and Sales Events

  • Registration and sales
  • Financial management
  • Collecting customer data, boot setup, and advertisements


Public Facilities Control and Management

  • Security management
  • Visitor management
  • Food court management
  • Playground and entertainment for kids and adults
  • Walkways cleaning and controlling
  • Restroom cleaning and controlling
  • Vehicle parking management


Conference Room Management

  • Agenda and announcements.
  • Speech booking and prioritizing


Technical Systems Management

  • Setting up all audio/visual hardware, to include projector systems and audio systems
  • Procuring and setting up simultaneous translation systems