Media Analyzing

We define, gather, explore, and distribute brainpower about brands and competitors required to support executives in taking strategic decisions for an organization. We will provide complete insight about what’s happening outside your business so you can be as competitive as possible about your industry and be empowered to predict market trend. Our information-technology driven analyzing practice relying on data mining and corporate intranets enables you to anticipate and face challenges head on.

Afghanistan is a developing country where competition among entities is rapidly growing and we will provide you thorough analyses of your competition’s campaigns, promotions and latest activity.

Our commitment with advanced information technology allowed us to develop what is considered to be the most valid measurement methodology in the country. Our comprehensive approach for tracking and analyzing all the media hits you want (Print-Broadcast-Web-Social Media) enables us to present the entire information sphere, not just the monitoring services track, but everything that is available. All stories are evaluated by trained media analysts to ensure the highest level of reliability in media analyzing.

Capturing both the qualitative and quantitative elements of media exposure has never been easy, nor an exact science. However, through MediaMark’s Analyzing service we can show what your earned or unpaid media exposure means in terms of impact, value, tone, focus, and a variety of other user-defined parameters. Those who need to understand the impact of their outreach efforts can get their tracking and analysis from a single, professional vendor. It’s simple. Our job is to deliver exactly the media analysis services you need.

We provide Competitive intelligence that visualize your understanding and learning what’s happening in the world outside your business so you can be as competitive as possible. It means learning as much as possible—as soon as possible—about your industry in general, your competitors, or even your county’s particular zoning rules. In short, it empowers you to anticipate and face challenges head on.

Media Analyzing Sub Categories

  • Commercial Analyzing
    • Competitive Data
    • Share of Voice
    • Share of Spend
    • Media Scene
  • Content Analyzing
    • Keyword Tracking
    • Character Tracking
    • Keyword Observation
  • News Analyzing
    • News in Category Tracking and Analyzing
    • Current Affair Analyzing and Descriptions
  • Political Analyzing
    • Political Strategy Analyzing