Media Monitoring

MediaMark provides integrated monitoring solutions across television, radio, print, online, and outdoor communications mediums. In Afghanistan, media monitoring has proven to be a critical component of any advertising campaign. Since 2002, innumerable public, private, and development sector organizations have spent considerable sums on media buying to promote their messages, but they have not always received what they paid for.

Media monitoring services often reveal that television and radio outlets are not airing commercials as per the promised schedule, and other errors occur that include language deviation, time deviation, and spot deviation. Such inconsistent airing of TV and radio spots can greatly degrade a strategic, detail-oriented media plan. Our comprehensive monitoring services assist organizations in tracking their advertising or messaging campaign’s execution, as well as tracking competitors’ media campaigns.

We provide monitoring services for the following communications mediums. Please click on the links for more details.

Technology Overview

–          Monitoring/Analyzing Software:

MediaMark is empowered with industry’s most inclusive and customized media content analyzing software named Accur enabling our monitoring officers to enter approximately 200,000+ records on a daily bases. Accur is programmed by MediaMark software development team that is specifically designed for media monitoring and analyzing activities. Accur help to analyze the data in different angle like channel, Brand, Industry, Campaign, Promotion, Timeframe and advertisers. Competitive media activity, seasonality and airing trends are its additional futures. Data can be analysis in detail or summery form based on Consumed time, frequency and industry Spend of the category. This software enables our reporting officers to generate reports in few clicks with customized filtering and 100% accuracy to support the clients on real time manners.

–          Electronic Media:

MediaMark has installed most advanced and up to date equipment in Kabul and provincial stations enabling to store the records with medium quality and provide periodic evidence in case of request by client or media agency. We have developed a centralized network between Kabul and 10 major cities including: Baghlan, Ghazni, Kunduz, Logar, Herat, Balkh, Helmand, Khost, Nangarhar and Kandahar that enable us to receive live 24/7 content of provincial stations in our Kabul Master Room/Media Server. Rest of provinces are monitored through manual monitoring with no storage capacity. We are currently monitoring 24 TV and 32 Radio in Kabul workstation and 5 stations in each 34 province. We have 6 months archiving capacity of Kabul based stations and 3 months storage capacity of 10 major provinces.