• MediaMark Launches Media Research Division

In September 2014 MediaMark launched its Media Research Division, which will be providing clients with day-to-day updates on the standing of Afghanistan’s television and radio stations.

The research methodology is designed to best serve the radio and television outlets themselves as well as media buyers. The division will be documenting the competition of stations by time slot, rather than daily or weekly audience share, so that media buyers can identify overpriced and underpriced airtime and act on this time-sensitive information to resourcefully allocate their marketing dollars.

The Media Research Division will be offering the following services to clients interested in keeping a hand on the pulse of the Afghan media sector:

  • General tracking of TV and radio audience trends
  • Monitoring specific programs (e.g. the launch of a new sports league or high-profile entertainment program)
  • Comparative studies of time slots (e.g. 8 – 9 pm time slot, Tolo vs. 1TV)
  • Calculations of Gross Rating Point and Cost Per Rating Point based on the data and media sellers’ rate cards

MediaMark believes that the data collected by the division will contribute to the modernization of the media sector in Afghanistan. With timely and accurate data in hand, media buyers will have the tools they need to make evidence-based decisions, while the media sellers will be able to fairly price their airtime and gain critical feedback about the performance of their programs.

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