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New Website Launch


Contact Details:

General                                                info@mediamark.af 0 20 23 10 867 (Ext 101)

Sales                                                     biz@mediamark.af, 0780014526, 0 20 23 10 867 (Ext 114)

Web Master                                       webmaster@mediamark.af, 0 20 23 10 867 (Ext 108)

Reporting Desk                                report@mediamark.af, 0 20 23 10 867 (Ext 105)

Finance                                               finance@mediamark.af, 0 20 23 10 867 (Ext 110)

Media Placement                            placement@mediamark.af, 0 20 23 10 867 (Ext 112)

Production                                        production@mediamark.af 0 20 23 10 867 (Ext 115)


New Futures:

  • eNews Subscription
  • Social Sharing and Linking
  • Website Advertisement
  • Media Marketing Pages for Media Outlets
  • Media Career – Employer and Employee
  • Media Rating Options – Outlet and Content Rating
  • Media Technology – Shopping
  • Online Reporting Portal – Clients Only
  • Customer Relations Management
  • Online Customer Service (Chat, Voice and Video)


Why MediaMark?


–          Local Expertise
We have a deep understanding of the Afghan media sector and its impact on the local economy. We know all of the TV and radio stations in the market, their coverage, their viewership, and their strengths and weaknesses. We also know the Afghan consumer, along with the best means to create meaningful impressions on local consumers through the use of effective media placement strategies.

–          Established Methodology
For all of our monitoring and research services, we use internationally recognized methodologies that have withstood the test of criticism and have well-understood strengths, weaknesses, and margins of error. We are looking to contribute to the advancement of media research and media monitoring in Afghanistan, and this means moving away from outdated survey and monitoring methods and implementing systems that meet or even exceed international standards

–          Advanced Technology
MediaMark is at the forefront in bringing advanced technology to Afghanistan’s media sector. We have the technology to verify ad placements across all advertising platforms and provide real-time results, along with providing consulting on Enterprise Solutions that can help businesses boost productivity and sales.

–          Activity Coverage
MediaMark has offices throughout Afghanistan’s provinces, giving us the unique ability to monitor the media and product quality control at a national level. MediaMark is also expanding its activities on a regional level, to include ventures in neighboring Central Asian countries and the Middle East.


New Contents:


–          Media: MediaMark is a one-stop shop for media solutions. We have the capacity and experience to provide a wide range of media-related services, thereby allowing you to simplify and streamline management and communications.

o   Media Monitoring
Protect your investments in advertising with our comprehensive media monitoring services that cover television, radio, print, and outdoor advertisement we’re here to make sure that you get what you pay for.

o   Media Analysis
Get the data you need on how much impact you’re achieving with your media placements

o   Media Buying
Leveraging our relationships with Afghanistan’s top media outlets, we can get the best rates for ad placements

o   Media Creative
Let us work with your company to develop a new brand or strengthen an existing one, and discuss strategies to promote the brand in the local market

o   Media Production
Every business needs creative, visually appealing design work and advertisements to sell their products – we can help with that

o   Media Technology
Boost efficiency and output with the latest hardware and software

o   Media Training
We offer training for a variety of media-related skills, from graphic design to website development to TV and radio presenting


–          Research: MediaMark can plan, implement, and analyze any type of research project on a province-specific or national level, utilizing internationally recognized methodologies

o   Research Design
Whatever the sector, we can help design a research methodology that adheres to international standards

o   Research Implementation
Whether it’s paper, door-to-door, or telephone-based, we can implement any research methodology on a national level

o   Research Analysis
We can examine the raw data of any survey and help pull out the key trends and data points



–          Event Management: Regardless of the size of the event or its purpose, MediaMark can assist from the planning phase through the implementation and post-event evaluation phase

o   Event Planning
We have the experience to help plan any event, large or small, while strictly adhering to the budget parameters

o   Event Implementation
If you require extra hands and audio/visual technical expertise necessary for putting on a high-impact event, we can help

o   Event Monitoring
We have the capacity to provide independent monitoring to measure event outputs


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