• MTN Afghanistan Media Monitoring Service

Project Start Date:           2013

Project End Date:             Continue

Project Title:                      MTN Indoor Media Monitoring Service

Project Client:                   MTN Afghanistan

Project Activity:                Monitoring of all TV and Radio Stations Nationwide

In 2013 MediaMark has got the contract for MTN Indoor Media Monitoring Service (All TV and Radio Channels of International, National, Regional and Local Stations).

Project is consist of Services (Reports):

  • Daily Drop Spot (Tracking)
  • Real Time Media Alert (Telecom Industry New Campaign, Activity or News)
  • Media Tracking Report (Monthly Report)
  • Observe Report / Plan vs Actual (Monthly Observe Report)
  • Telecom Industry Analyzing Report / Competitor Data (Monthly and Periodic Report)
  • Campaign Analyzing Report (Periodic Report)
  • Share of Voice vs Share of Spend (Monthly and Periodic Telecom Industry Report)
  • Record/Evidence Providing (based on request)


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