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In March 2011, a group of Afghan media experts joined forces to launch MediaMark. The founding team members have over 20 years combined experience in strategic broadcasting, media business development, and media analysis for local and international clients in the Afghan media sector.

As the media landscape evolves rapidly in Afghanistan and throughout the world, the need for real-time, accurate, and reliable information has become an essential tool for making informed decisions for a wide-range of public, private, and development sector organizations. MediaMark empowers clients by helping them understand the true impact of media on the Afghan population. Whether clients need campaign coverage monitoring or market-competition analysis, MediaMark delivers tailored solutions to fit each client’s specific needs.

MediaMark started out capturing data from 16 television stations and six radio channels throughout Afghanistan. Since February 2012, the media monitoring system has been expanded to the monitoring of 40 television stations and 16 radio channels, as well as reporting from eight provinces via local monitoring agents. In May 2012, MediaMark activated an online portal service enabling clients to log in to access their bespoke data sets from anywhere around the world.

Media Mark is on track to becoming one of Afghanistan’s leading media data companies by constantly expanding its provincial reach and by utilizing the world’s most advanced monitoring technology. MediaMark currently offers media monitoring services in 12 major cities and maintains technical facilities in 15 provinces. Overall, MediaMark has the capacity to monitor 143 television and radio outlets throughout Afghanistan.

We are always looking for the next big thing, have you recently graduated from college and are looking for a great spot to start your career? These are some of the things that we look for in our new employees.

  1. Goal Oriented
  2. Critical Thinking
  3. Thinking Outside the Box
  4. Communication Skills
  5. Leadership Qualitites
  6. Ability to Elevate New Ideas
  7. Improve Old Ideas
  8. Presence